International Military Cooperation – Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2024


Based on the response from the MoD of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was estimated that there were 14 military exercises. Nine of the 14 exercises were multilateral, with four conducted with NATO and three US-led multilateral exercises. Two of these multilateral exercises were regional, with one being the “Strong Balkan 23 (B-9),” and the second one was the one in which the military medical team took part in an exercise organised by the Balkan Medical Task Force (BMTF). There were five military exercises in 2023. Two were done with Turkey, with Bosnia and Herzegovina being an observer in the “Anatolian Phoenix 2023” exercise. While the regional initiative Adriatic Charter (A-5) held an exercise called “Laufer 23”, Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in it on a bilateral basis with Croatia. One bilateral exercise was held with Italy. Bosnia and Herzegovina also took part in an exercise, “Adriatic Strike 2023”, gathering NATO members and NATO partner countries. The MoD of Bosnia and Herzegovina classified this exercise as a bilateral exercise, but it was impossible to determine the partner country for this exercise.


The response from the MoD did not include information on foreign military donations. Based on an open-source search, it is estimated that the EU was the largest donor to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the total value being EUR 26 million. Under the European Peace Facility (EPF), the EU pledged an Assistance Measure to Bosnia and Herzegovina worth EUR 10 million for demining efforts. In addition, the EU approved further EUR 10 million for field equipment, military engineering tools and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) material for the Tactical Support Brigade. The donations also involved the EUR 6 million Assistance Measure under the EPF for the Balkan Medical Task Force. Germany donated EUR 410.000, with EUR 350.000 being the value of IT equipment for the Training Centre for Peace Support Operations (PSOTC) and the EUR 60.000 support for the demining battalion.

2024 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation – BiH

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