Women in Defence System – Albania – 2024

National Action Plan 1325:

In 2018, Albania adopted its first two-year action plan on women, peace and security. The date of adoption of the Albanian government’s second plan remain unclear. However, the Ministry of Defence officially said that it has submitted its findings to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection responsible for compiling a comprehensive summary report on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in Albania.

Participation of women in the MoDs and the Armed Forces:

Albania has achieved the NATO standard of 15% of female uniformed personnel in the army. However, Albania is the only country in the region with the quota for women in the army (15%) that can affect their further admission. In 2023, Albania had the highest percentage of women officers and non-commissioned officers in the Western Balkans, comprising 21% of officers and 13.5% of NCOs. Still, the percentage of female enlisted personnel (11%) remains lower than other countries in the region. The MoD has a civil employee representation rate of 37% women.

Representation of women in command and leadership positions:

The current representation of women in leadership positions is approximately 10%, which equates to 44 women. Manushaqe Shehu, the first female Deputy Chief of General Staff, holds the highest rank of Major General in the Albanian Armed Forces since 2018. In addition, Albania had two women as its defence ministers until 2020.

Participation of women in peacekeeping operations:

The percentage of women participating in missions abroad remains at 5%.

2024 – Balkan Defence Monitor
Women In Defence System – Albania

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