International Military Cooperation – Montenegro – 2022


Montenegro participates in large multinational exercises organised under the auspices of U.S. Army Europe and Africa and NATO, as well as in regional navy exercises. In 2021, it has been part of three multinational navy operations exercises in Slovenia, Croatia and Greece, and a bilateral one with Slovenia. Prior to 2021, besides the navy exercises, it had taken part in a number of exercises focused on participation in multinational operations. In 2021, Montenegro joined two exercises in which it used its new equipment for the first time – the Bell 412 helicopter in Adriatic Strike 21, and the Oshkosh vehicles in Saber Guardian 21.


In the course of the past three years, United States have been the largest contributor to the Montenegrin defence system. The United States have donated EUR 3.7 million worth of ballistic, communication and CBRN equipment as well as two EOD boats. Turkey was second, with a donation of 30 rifles with the accompanying equipment.


United States of America
EUR 3,732,611
EUR 39,116
EUR 12, 883

2022 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation –

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