International Military Cooperation – North Macedonia – 2022


Besides joining the big multinational exercises organised by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa or NATO, North Macedonia hosted two big exercises in 2021. Decisive Strike 2021 was an exercise that was aimed at enhancing interoperability with forces of the USA Florida Army National Guard, Bulgaria and Greece. The Yearly Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) exercise was also held in Macedonia in 2021.


The greatest portion of foreign donations to North Macedonia in the past three years were aimed at tackling the pandemic, since the COVID-19 related help came through the defence system. The largest single donation, consisting of 60 ventilators, was provided by USAID through the NATO Pandemic Response Trust Fund. Besides medical equipment, the United States of America also donated 1,200 M4 rifles. Norway donated a significant amount of medical equipment and supplies, as well as
equipment for the Military Academy. Even though the exact values are not publicly disclosed on the MoD website, Turkey has also made relevant donations in the past three years – rifles, an equipment transporter and uniforms.


USAID (through NATO Pandemic Response Trust Fund)
EUR 1,400,000
United States of America
EUR 1,240,129
EUR 955,000

2022 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation –
North Macedonia

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