International Military Cooperation – Montenegro – 2024


Based on the response from the MoD and from open-source research, it is estimated that Montenegro participated in 25 military exercises in 2023, and 23 of these exercises were multilateral. When it comes to multilateral exercises, 17 were NATO exercises, one was a multilateral US-led exercise, and one was a Greece-led exercise. Within the NATO exercise, the one that sticks out was “Common Challenge 23”, hosted by Montenegro, which focused on elite mountain warfare. Four exercises were under the auspices of regional initiatives, one with the Adriatic Charter (A-5), two with the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (ADRION) and the regional special forces exercise “Strong Balkan 23 (B-9)”;


There is limited information on international military donations to Montenegro in 2023. Turkey appears to be the greatest military donor in 2023, having donated three logistic vehicles worth USD 1.2 million. Slovenia donated seven mountain guns and 112 salvos for the Honorary Guard, but there is no estimate of the monetary value of this donation.


USD 1.2 million

2024 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation – Montenegro

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