International Military Cooperation – Croatia – 2022


Viewed on the annual basis, Croatia participates in the greatest number of exercises in the region; however, predominantly in large multinational ones. The country’s top exercising partner are  the United States of America, with whom Croatia also has bilateral exercises aimed at building  interoperability for special operations. Croatia also participates and hosts a number of regional  exercises, such as those focused on navy operations (usually with Slovenia, Italy, Albania,  Montenegro and Greece), but also within the framework of regional initiatives such as the CEDC,  the B-9 forum or the Adriatic Charter (A5).


Croatia does not keep a publicly available centralised list of donations. According to information available from the Croatian yearly defence reports and the information disclosed on its MoD website, it can be concluded that the United States of America have been the biggest donor to the Croatian defence system in the past three years.

US donations (2019-2021)

2 helicopters UH-60M „Black Hawk“
6 new Ford 3542 D Cargo trucks (EUR 898,722)
Range Control Tower built by the U.S. Army in Europe
Dimilitarisation of 890 tonnes of surplus ammunition through the ITF fund
Marine pollution centre (EUR 436,489)
Heliport (EUR 1,545,546)

2022 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation – Croatia

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