International Military Cooperation – Albania – 2024


Based on open-source data, Albania is estimated to have participated in 20 military events in 2023.
There were 17 multilateral exercises. Most of these exercises were with NATO, ten total. There were three US-led multilateral exercises. There were four regional multilateral exercises: one with the Adriatic Charter (A-5) and two with the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (ADRION). The most important of these regional exercises was the special operation forces’ exercise hosted by Albania, “Strong Balkan 23 (B-9)”; an exercise
intended to boost interoperability with NATO. In total, Albania participated in three bilateral military drills in 2023. Two bilateral military drills were conducted with the US and one with the New Jersey Army National Guard. One bilateral military drill was done with Turkey.


As the Albanian MoD refused to respond to the request for access to information, open-source research was conducted. Based on open sources, the US was the largest military donor to Albania in 2023 with USD 9.74 million.


United States of America
USD 9.74 million

2024 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation – Albania

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