International Military Cooperation – Albania – 2023


Based on open-source data, it is estimated that Albania has participated in 16 military exercises with NATO and NATO allies. If one adds bilateral exercises with the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) to this, the number rises to 20. Albania continues to conduct its military exercises within the framework of NATO and participate in military drills organised by the US, including the US military and the New Jersey Army National Guard, as well as those that are organised by the UK and Turkey. Also, the military medical team participated in an exercise under the auspices of the Balkan Medical Task Force (BMTF). These drills are multinational and include various categories, including regular troops, special forces and naval exercises.


The US and Turkey are traditionally the two largest military donors in Albania. The same was in 2021. The only difference compared to the previous year is that, in 2022, the overall value of Turkey’s donation was higher than that of the US. From the Government of the Republic of Turkey, Albania received goods in the amount of USD 2,088,500, while from the Government of the United States of America it received goods in the amount of USD 1,436,136. Open-source research could only identify that Ankara has donated 40 vehicles (cars and buses) to the Albanian Armed Forces.


United States of America
EUR 1,436,136
EUR 2,088,500

2023 – Balkan Defence Monitor
International Military Cooperation – Albania

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