Defence expenditures – Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2022

Military expenditure of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been almost the same in the past five years, both nominally and as the share of GDP.¹

The Parliamentary Assembly has not adopted a federal budget in a timely manner since 2018.
The budget is usually adopted during, or at the end of, the year in to which it pertains. Due to a political crisis, the federal budget for 2021 and 2022 has not been adopted at all. Instead, quarterly decisions on temporary financing are adopted on the basis of the 2020 expenditure. Balance sheets, presenting the actual expenditure, are timely and regularly adopted.


Share of GDP 0.78%


Almost 90% of the defence budget in 2021 was spent on personnel due to the political deadlock, which obstructed planning and according allocation of resources. Bosnia and Herzegovina generally spends the largest portion of its defence budget on personnel costs, while the arms and equipment share has not exceeded 4% since 2017.
Budget and balance sheets contain aggregated sums, and sources of funding for rather general categories of expenses. For instance, arms and equipment expenses can be found under the aggregated category Equipment procurement. The documents also include narrative reports with the rationale behind some general categories, i.e. monthly personnel turnover.

* Data for 2021 and 2022 are based on the last changes in the 2021 budgets and the initial budget laws for 2022.

    1.   Due to the complexity of the budget system, it is methodologically challenging to calculate the military expenditure
      of BiH as a share of the total government expenditure, comparable to other countries in the region. Namely, two
      entities have independent budgets that, then, allocate funds upward to the federal budget, which includes the
      defence budget.

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Defence Expeditures –
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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