Defence expenditure – Serbia – 2024

The observed trend of rise in Serbian defence expenditure since 2016 halted in 2022, with expenditures falling below the figures recorded in 2021. As the balance sheet for 2023 has not been adopted yet, the actual military expenditure for the year remains unavailable. Nevertheless, based on the most recent amendments to the Budget Law, it is anticipated that military spending in 2023 will be on the rise again, constituting an 8.05% share of the total expenditure.


Share of GDP 2,05%
Share of total government
expenditure 8,05%

The National Assembly usually adopts the budget for the forthcoming year in early December. The planned budget for 2024 is decreased by almost 1.3% comparing to 2023.


Serbian budget is broken down into programmes, presenting budget funds for specific areas as well as different sources of funds. Despite that, the budget is not sufficiently disaggregated and detailed, which prevents comprehensive oversight. For instance, arms and equipment costs are not disaggregated by concrete projects, and it is thus impossible to connect them to individual procurement projects. Within the programme “Functioning of the MoD and the Serbian Army” the largest part of the budget is spent on the purchase of arms and equipment, without specifying which arms and which equipment. It should also be noted that the operating costs, including costs of maintenance, spare parts, fuel, and everything that is needed for training, exercise, and general building capabilities, are relatively low compared to the amount spent on purchase of arms and equipment. The information about the procurements can usually be found in MoD’s announcements, such as the announcement about procurement and modernization of 92 complex combat platforms for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces, but even in those sources of information further details cannot be found.

2024 – Balkan Defence Monitor
Defence Expenditures – Serbia

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